10 Things A Man Needs To Know About Periods

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A majority of the population get really awkward when the topic of periods is discussed. Periods by definition is a natural process that takes place in every female. In our culture, people get disgusted whenever this topic is brought on the table. How can we really hide a natural process that takes place in every female in the entire world, huh? Well its high time that we should get some information regarding menstruation.

1. Firstly, it is a natural phenomenon:

Every women in the world bleeds because of this. That is simply how it is suppose to work. Reason? This is because their womb is getting ready for implantation. Nothing seems uncomfortable regarding this.Source: Pinterest

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2. Period Cycle starts around age twelve:

Small girls are suppose to start their menstruation round about 12. We know its a very immature age, where mostly are extremely vulnerable. If a person construct a mind set that periods is a shameful process for women, then their are high chances that the girl will continue her life with the same mind

Problems during Menstrual Cycle – Periods In PregnancySource: Pinterest

3. There is a possibility to miss our period

This condition is known as ‘amernorrhea’ that is the missing of period for more than 3 months in arrow or the its absence before hitting puberty. However pregnancy is the most possible explanation of this condition, but anyone with any reproductive organ and hormonal issue can also have this condition. There is cure available for this in most conditions. All Thanks to Science!

4.  Irregular periods are also possible

Although periods are not suppose to be irregular, they also have a trend to to make an uninvited visit and stay there for some more days than usual.

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5. Too much pain

The level of pain during a period depends on individual to individual, but normally, menstrual cramps are a very big deal. It can cause a hell of a pain, mainly with it is connected to some diseases like ‘endometriosis’, this is the condition when the uterus tissue grows outwards from the womb, indirectly leaving no escape for the shed lining as there is no passage for natural exit.

This pain is actually been compared similar to having a heart attack.

So next time when a woman is going through her cramps, rather than being rude to her, imagine the pain of being hit hard in your lower abdomen multiple times for like three-eight days.

6. PMS is real

PMS is an episode of physical and emotional changes that occurs basically 1-2 weeks before menstruation. 2 of the main symptoms are moods chances and irritable attitude. Women don’t just make this crap, nor any desire of going through enter them.

You cannot just make it simple by commenting ‘stop this PMS’ to any woman. If it was her choice, she would have stopped it.


7. Nothing is disgusting in periods

You cannot just consider this process disgusting and obviously, you cannot call it a disgrace.

If any woman bleeding from her reproductive system can handle this, then you can listen about it too. Trust me! its less painful then the real pain

8. Spreading more  awareness:

We tend not to bring this issue out because we ought to stay more safe in our small bubble, but there are a lot of women outside who didn’t have any knowledge about periods and hoe to manage yourself during this whole situation. Nevertheless, they not even have nay access on sanitary pads, which they are too expensive to purchase, or because of lack of proper education.

Silence is not going to eliminate this issue.

9. Men should be well-informed also

It is not only females’ who need to have proper knowledge of this process, but their is a dire need for men to educate themselves about menstruation also. It is prime time that we act like adults in this situation and stop avoiding to bring about this process like a life threatening disease, because it is normal.
It is a normal and major process that is an important component in our society. We should stop seeing like like a threat to your manhood. Be a bit more mature!

Also, stop bringing yourself in every topic.

10. Censoring this topic should be stopped

If periods ought to push your masculine insecurities because it is not decent for a man to study about a female’s body function, this is your issue only.

Do not bring your own insecurities as a tool for censoring this topic. Do not tell women that, “Ye saab kay samnay krnay wali batain nhi han”

Don’t tell women to just get over it or remain silent. Honestly, stop being a jerk.