ShahRukh Khan reveals the flash back memories that Imran Khan scolded him

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“I was waiting to take his autograph, but all my excitement ended when he scolded me because he was not in a good mood”- exclaimed ShahRukh Khan

Imran Khan and shahrukh khan

The Bollywood actor, king Khan, has told that the current Prime Minister and Former Cricketer of Pakistan, Imran Khan, once scolded him when he asked him for an autograph.

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While recalling the harsh memory, SRK said,

I love to see the Imran khan’s match and he was a big fan of him. Khan revealed that once after the match when I was standing to take his autograph, he scolded me because he was not in a good mood as he didn’t get good score.”

The King Khan added,

“I met Imran Khan three years ago and complained him of his harsh behavior.”

SRK further added that he is a big fan of his Imran Khan’s cricket.

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