The Foggy Covid 19 Chronicles

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As if we hadn’t had enough of COVID 19 and the medical chronicles, here is a new yet a rare episode of COVID 19 and brain fog. Researchers are now seeing links between COVID 19 and pervasive blood clotting and inflammation. One of the most dramatic inflammatory reactions caused by the Corona Virus is brain fog, which can also engulf the human brain. After conducting extensive researches and studies on the recovered Covid19 patients, scientists have now discovered that some symptoms may surface before more body damage begins. One such sign is Brain Fog.

Do You Know What Brain Fog Is ?

The latest research indicates that COVID 19 virus can also damage our brain cells, leading to inflammation in the brain or the body, causing viral infections and other neurological problems that may cause brain fog or, as doctors call it, COVID fog. This COVID fog creates difficulties in one’s thinking process. People diagnosed with brain fog show symptoms of struggling to think clearly. After one has recovered from various viral infections, they may still require frequent brain scans due to brain fog. Many scientists and neurologists explain brain fog phenomena as post-viral fatigue due to the body’s inflammation.

What are the Long-term Effects of Brain Fog:

It is thought that reactions of Covid-19 lead to brain fog. Doctors also warn that the most probable long-term effects of the virus causing Covid-19 may harm the heart tissue. The acute scarring of the heart tissue can lead to various complications ranging from chronic fatigue to heart problems.

People that are at Risk:

Researchers fear that people who are already diagnosed with another disease and have contracted the COVID 19 virus are far more at risk than those who do not have a previous illness and have become ill with the Coronavirus. Scientists also claimed that an earlier diagnosis of a disease could hasten the damage caused by brain fog. Most healthy people can also show some long-term potential risk factors after being diagnosed with COVID 19. What Do We Know For Now? Most of the pulmonologists, neurologists, and cardiologists, are all in a state of shock after discovering the diversified and chronic side effects amongst the survivors of the COVID 19. The doctors and scientists are all now occupied with observing various long-lasting complications like the COVID 19 or brain fog and are still learning a lot about preventing these chronic symptoms and helping the sufferers. Different recovered Covid-19 patients are being recruited in the research studies to understand the recent phenomenon. Specimens of the patient’s saliva and blood and other biological samples are being collected for study purposes.

If you think you have encountered some of symptoms of brain fog and can’t seem to think straight then don’t worry the below video will suggest some great remedies to over come it.